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The Tactical Rescue Technician course focuses on rescue operations in the tactical setting. The course is not a normal civilian technical rescue course. It does not focus on the civilian rescue settings. The tactical rescue technician course focuses on technical rescue in a hostile and high-risk environment.

PPA-International are offering a 6 months Accelerated Paramedic course where all graduates will be given Accreditation from the University of Ioannina, Greece and the HSCPR. This course is designed for those who are not able to take 4 months off from work to do a regular accelerated Paramedic course.

The three days Tactical Trauma Life Support (TTLS) course is an recognized course, which is based on the protocols developed by the TTLS Committee. TTLS course provides a tactical pre-hospital trauma care philosophy, stressing the need to treat the multi system trauma patient as a unique entity with specific needs. This may require an approach to the trauma patient

The Tactical Medicine In Hostile Environment course is for persons who are working in a hostile environment and who need more advanced skills. The course is for providers who already have, ether the Combat Medic or EMT-B education and who need to advance their skills levels. This 5 days Tactical Medicine in Hostile Environment course is an quite advanced and

The 10 days Combat Medic/EMT course is an intensive and demanding course and is developed to train and qualify students to manage trauma/medical casualty prior to medical evacuation, and provide medical care to team members. 

PPA-International is offering a 4 months Tactical Paramedic course. The course is for paramedics or nurses who might work in both civilian and hostile environment, where they need a more extensive medical level than just a normal Paramedic and nurse.

The Prolonged Field Care and Evacuation Care course is designed for medics who may have to deal with prolonged field care or evacuation care in their line of work. It is a challenging experience to deal with casualties for a long period of time or when they are evacuated, therefore the medics need specialized skills to be able to handle this type of situation.

International Trauma Life Support empowers you with the knowledge and skill to provide optimal care in the ...

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